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Buttock Augmentation: Everything you need to know - Dra. Yvelise Bello - Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Yvelise Bello – Plastic Surgeon

Buttock Augmentation: Everything you need to know

Buttock augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that aims to improve the size and shape of the buttocks. Whether you want more volume, a more defined shape, or to correct asymmetries, buttock augmentation can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

What is Buttock Augmentation?

buttock augmentation is a procedure performed to increase the size and shape of the buttocks. There are two main methods to carry out the surgery:

  • Buttocks implants: This involves placing silicone implants in the buttocks to add volume and improve shape.
  • Fat transfer (BBL): This involves extracting fat from other parts of the body, processing it, and transferring it to the buttocks.

Benefits of Gluteal Augmentation

  • Improves body contour: Adds volume and shape to the buttocks for a more harmonious contour.
  • Corrects asymmetries: Helps balance the size and shape of the buttocks in case of asymmetries.
  • Boosts self-confidence: Many patients experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem after the procedure.

Procedure and Recovery

The buttock augmentation procedure is performed under general anesthesia and may take several hours, depending on the technique used. After surgery, it is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions for proper recovery. This may include avoiding sitting directly on the buttocks and wearing compression garments.

Consult with Dr. Yvelise Bello, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering buttock augmentation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Yvelise Bello, a board-certified plastic surgeon. With years of experience and a personalized approach, Dr. Bello will help you explore your options and achieve the results you desire.

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